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Business Formation

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Our refund policy: We do right by you—so we'll refund our fee within the first 60 days of purchase if you're unhappy with our services. Call or email us, and we'll process your refund within 5 business days. What it doesn't cover: We can't refund third-party processing fees (e.g. paid directly to our service partners or to facilitate fulfilling your order like courier fees) once you make a purchase. And, we can't refund filing fees once we submit your paperwork to the government. Attorney fees paid directly to lawyers (and not through our legal plans) are not...

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Top Auto Accident Lawyers

Is There an Upfront Fee?You don't have to pay anything out of your pocket when you hire an attorney. If you win your case, you pay us.Get My Free Lawsuit Case ReviewWhen is the Deadline to File a Car Crash Injury Lawsuit?Each state has its own rules about how long you have to file a lawsuit after a car accident. This is called the "statute of limitations." It is the maximum time the parties have to go to court and start the lawsuit process. Depending on the laws in your state, this could be anywhere from one to six years.A...

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Process Services

Domestic Process Service Our domestic process service ensures that legal documents, including summons, complaints, divorce papers, family court documents, subpoenas, small claims court cases, evictions, and more, are professionally delivered and served. Our skilled process servers operate across all 50 states, providing reliable and efficient service in Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, New York, Texas, and every state in between. No matter the complexity or urgency of your legal matter, our team is here to deliver the highest quality service. International Process Service Our international process service operates in compliance with the Hague Service Convention, a treaty established to facilitate the...

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Get an Estate Planning Checklist & Guides

It’s easy to defer estate planning because it can either feel intimidating or simply not that urgent. But it doesn’t have to be complex, and it doesn’t have to wait. Every year can bring something new to protect and care for, so having a plan can create ways to take the success you’ve already had and extend it to your family, benefiting them not just years from now — but right now. Get an Estate Planning Checklist and More ...

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Create Your Free Living Will

Last Updated January 20, 2023 What is a Living Will? A Living Will is a document in which you can specify the medical treatments you wish to receive if you become incapacitated and can’t communicate. As such, this document helps health care workers understand when to proceed with certain treatments when you’re: In a coma Terminally ill or injured In the late stages of dementia Near the end of life The terms of your directive are binding once you sign the document. Is a Living Will the same...

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Affordable Legal Protection

Our lawyers are licensed in every state with an average of 22 years of experience. Your on-call membership can save you hundreds every time you use it, to: ]]>Consult on any personal legal issue, even pre-existing onesRequest preparation and review of legal documents (up to 15 pages each)Get 24/7/365 emergency access',placement:"bottom",arrow:false,theme:"custom",allowHTML:true});tippy(".estate",{content:' Designated Consultation For out-of-state legal matters and specific areas of law, your business is entitled to three 30-minute phone consultations per year with an experienced lawyer at your Provider Law Firm. Further services required beyond the telephone consultations will be provided at a discount of 10%-25% from the provider...

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