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Fatal Car Crashes Are On the Rise Across Houston

Researchers, working on a study commissioned by the Houston-Galveston Council, have found that accidents across the region during the past five years have increased by some 40 percent. In 2012, there were 120,517 total motor vehicle crashes in the region. By 2016, they found that the number had increased by nearly 50,000. The number of car crashes occurring in Harris county alone rose by more than 40,000 during that same time frame. With the increase in crashes, researchers found that traffic-related fatalities rose as well. The 590 car crash deaths that occurred in 2012 had increased by 20 percent up to 715...

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Reasons to Consider Mediation

When some parents wind up in divorce court in Houston, they are ready to tear each other’s throats out. They have lost sight of their kids and are ready and willing to do any and everything to keep the person they once loved from moving on with their lives. If you worry that your divorce situation will play out the same way, it is time for you to consider an alternative. Mediation is not an ideal solution for all ending marriages, but it can be very beneficial for couples who want to preserve their relationships for the sake of their kids. No...

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What are attributes I should look for in a divorce mediator?

During mediation, you might find yourself not just discussing emotional issues, but ones that are personal in nature or financially sensitive as well. This is why it’s important that once you and your ex have decided that pursuing an amicable divorce through mediation is best for you, you’ll want to find a mediator that you both can trust. When you’re interviewing potential mediators that you’re looking to work with, you’ll want to assess whether they come off as both genuine and honest. It’s also important to find a mediator who’s not just going to guide you toward a settlement, but also...

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Divorce during Covid-19

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, currier martin Offer you the Best Mediation Services

Can you get divorced during the Covid-19 Stay at Home Order issued in Houston and surround areas like Cy-Fair, Cypress, Tomball, Montgomery and Harris County?  The answer is YES!   While the courts in all jurisdictions are adhering to the Stay at Home Order, they are continuing to allow court filings electronically along with holding court hearings by all parties attending through Zoom.  Currier & Martin has utilized this method several times during this unfortunate time and have found it to be extremely successful.   Due to the waiting period imposed in Texas law in regards to divorce, we suggest you contact our office...

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