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Probate and Estate Administration

Honor Your Loved One’s Wishes with Our Help

The passing of a beloved parent, spouse or other loved one is always hard. On top of your grief, you may have the responsibility of seeing to the deceased’s final affairs. This is an important duty, but unless you are thoroughly familiar with Texas probate law, you could make an error that causes unnecessary delays. We serve clients throughout Harris County.

To avoid that, contact us. We are the Houston law firm of Currier & Martin, and we have been guiding clients through probate and estate administration for decades. Contact us for firm, sensitive legal advice to help you with your loved one’s estate.

Your Lawyer for All Probate Matters

As a probate attorney, John E. Currier has represented executors in hundreds of estates while they are being administered. John will help you move the probated Will through the court as efficiently as possible. And if someone challenges the Will, he has represented numerous clients in Will disputes. He will work to resolve the dispute as quickly and smoothly as possible, minimizing any family rancor that might result from a lengthy, bitter legal battle.

Depending on how the estate is set up, all of the deceased’s assets may have to pass through probate, or most of it might avoid probate because it is included in a Trust. Whatever path your estate administration might take, John will provide accurate guidance, sensible advice and vigorous representation backed by his decades of experience.

Reliable Will Drafting Assistance

It is vitally important to have a Will in place, especially if you are married and have children. John has drafted Wills for clients for 25 years. He will listen as you discuss your priorities, and create a Will that carries out your wishes. He is also prepared to help you amend your Will, for example, after child birth, or a divorce.

Turn to A Seasoned Estate Administration Attorney

For an initial consultation about probate and estate administration with John, please call our office at (281) 890-7090 or take advantage of our online intake form. We serve clients in The Woodlands and Cypress.