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Mediation Is A Not A Formality

Firstly Mediation Is A Not A Formality  Why The Parties Should Take It Seriously? Money, time, control, creativity, privacy and predictability – these are all factors to consider when approaching the mediation of a Florida divorce – whether voluntarily or because of a court order. Divorcing parties may choose on their own to enter private mediation to try to resolve the legal issues in their divorce. Or, a Florida judge may require the parties to a divorce to try mediation before the judge will hold a trial. Mediation Is A Not A Formality What exactly is mediation?Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR)...

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Private Placement Memorandum

AnsdWhat is a Private Placement Memorandum? A Private Placement Memorandum, or “PPM,” is a disclosure document often used in connection with a private offering of securities. It contains a compilation of information about the company issuing the securities, the terms of the securities, and the risks of investing in those securities. This article explains the legal background underlying why a PPM is commonly used and overviews what is typically included in a PPM.  Why Use a PPM? Put simply, a PPM is used to inform potential investors about an offering of securities. The amount of disclosure document like a PPM varies among private...

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Understanding the Key Features of a Convertible Note Offering

Now that we have considered the principal reasons a startup may choose to issue convertible notes to investors in lieu of selling shares – namely, to raise capital efficiently and without a fixed valuation – let’s get a better understanding of how a convertible note offering works. Because a startup investor’s strategy is fundamentally high-risk high-reward, convertible notes look much different than, for example, a traditional bank loan to a small business. The goal of a small business lender is to collect interest income whereas the goal of a convertible note investor is to acquire equity in a startup (at a discount)...

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What is an Texas Legacy Trust, and When Do You Need One?

There are many types of trusts with different features designed to achieve different estate planning goals. Depending on the type, trusts can keep assets out of probate, prevent beneficiaries from wasting their inheritance, protect assets of beneficiaries with special needs, minimize tax burdens, and protect assets from creditors. If placing your hard-earned assets out of the reach of potential future creditors is one of your goals, you may want to consider an Texas Legacy Trust. An Texas Legacy Trust (TLT) is a type of domestic asset protection trust (DAPT). The TLT is a relatively new tool in Texas estate planning attorneys’ toolkit, having...

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Costs That Child Support Isn’t Intended to Cover in Texas

Child support is generally paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent who retains primary physical custody to help cover the basis expenses associated with raising a child. Even if the noncustodial parent is ordered to pay the maximum support amount, though, it frequently falls short of covering all the extra expenses that arise in raising a child. These added costs associated with raising a child that are not covered by child support include all of those that are are associated with their enrichment. The Texas Family Code outlines uncovered expenses by age group. If you and your ex share an infant,...

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When Might a Child’s Wishes Be Considered In a Custody Dispute?

If you’re seeking custody of your child, in some cases judges may look to your kids to ask them which parent they’d like to reside with more. Whether a child will be called upon to testify at their own child custody hearing about their preferences largely depends on their level of maturity and age, although those aren’t the only factors. How well he or she appears to be able to make informed decisions and articulate his or her feelings will play a role in whether his or her testimony is considered too. A judge may also seek out a child’s testimony or...

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What Kind of Injuries Are Motorcyclists At Risk of Sustaining?

The lack of structure that motorcycles have is one of the main reasons many people enjoy riding them. Riders can feel more of the wind on their body and enjoy the excitement of the open road. As fun as riding a motorcycle seems, there is a dark side. There is less vehicle to shield the rider’s body in a motorcycle accident. The risk of serious injury is an unavoidable aspect of being a biker. Types of injuries motorcyclists sustain When another vehicle collides into a motorcyclist, the biker is in danger of being thrown off the bike and sustaining serious injury. Common injuries motorcycle...

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Why Mediation May Be an Ideal Way to Resolve Your Divorce

On behalf of Currier & Martin PLLC posted in divorce mediation on Friday, November 3, 2017.One recent estimate suggests that as much as 70 percent of all couples who file for divorce do so without first seeking out the guidance of a skilled attorney. When it’s their time to go in front of a judge to hear their case, one family law judge contends that they often tell him that they just want him to render decisions that are just and fair. Oftentimes, he ends up counseling them that decisions rendered in the courtroom by the judge are not always what the couples would see as...

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An Alleged Drunk North Houston Driver Crashes, Kills Passenger

An early Sunday morning two-car crash in Harris County resulted in a passenger’s death and minor injuries for the occupants of the second vehicle. The fatal north Houston accident occurred just after midnight on Nov. 5 near the intersection of Airway Drive and Airline Drive. Harris County deputies have said that witnesses reported having seen the driver of a Nissan Altima driving southbound at an excessive rate of speed along Airline Drive immediately prior to the crash. Soon thereafter, they noted that he appeared to lose control of his vehicle. It’s then that he was seen entering the northbound lanes of...

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Various Reasons You May Be Able to Request a Custody Modification

As a parent, it’s completely normal for you to want the best for your child, which likely involves spending the majority of you time living with them. There’s a fine line, though, between a justifiable reason to request a custody modification and an emotionally-charged, potentially frivolous one. If you suspect that your child’s life may be in some type of immediate danger when in the custody of his or her other parent, then a judge may consider it in the best interest of the child to remove them from that home. Any parent who has been accused or convicted of domestic...

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