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Car Accident Claims Made Easier

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Find the Right Estate Lawyer with LegalMatch

Estate and trust planning is the process of using professional advisors or lawyers who are familiar with your goals, concerns, and assets to organize your estate and/or set up your trust. Estate Lawyers can assist with Estate planning, which covers the transfer of property at death as well as other personal matters. Estate administration is the process of maintenance and distribution of assets after someone dies. This is done in agreement with either the will of the decedent (person who died) or state law. The person...

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Missouri Legal Last Will and Testament Form for Married Person

Legal Last Will and Testament Form for Married Person with Adult and Minor Children from Prior Marriage Note: This summary is not intended to be an all-inclusive summary of the law of wills for Missouri, but does contain basic and other provisions. Handwritten wills and wills where the testator cannot sign his or her name are not discussed. Who may make will: Any person of sound mind, eighteen years of age or older or any minor emancipated...

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Find the Right Lawyer with LegalMatch

Responded in a timely manner Answered questions clearly Gave complete and clear information Knowledgeable in legal area 100% Would recommend to friend 100%   by hollis bassknight, 12/10/2012 This lawyer exceeded my expectations. I found Attorney Mullen to be very reliable, courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. He comes highly recommend if you are looking for an attorney who is...

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