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Find the Right Lawyer with LegalMatch

Find the Right Lawyer with LegalMatch

Responded in a timely manner

Answered questions clearly

Gave complete and clear information

Knowledgeable in legal area


Would recommend to friend


  by hollis bassknight, 12/10/2012

This lawyer exceeded my expectations. I found Attorney Mullen to be very reliable, courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. He comes highly recommend if you are looking for an attorney who is unbiased, and highly proficient at discerning the veracity in your case. “While also showing genuine concern for what’s in the best interest of folks”

  by Ricky Womack, 03/18/2010

It was good to find an attorney who is willing to provide the services that he say he will provide. Has communicated with me on all areas that he has worked on or had questions about.

  by Diane Perrin, 02/10/2009

I hired Mitchell Mullen to work on my case that was quite old, as far as legal judgments go. Mitchell is aggressive, patient, understanding and persistent. He was very reachable at all times and fought very hard for me. His staff is very proficient and courteous, as well. He has a lot of integrity, so I knew that I could trust him. That was vitally important and one of the biggest reasons that I would retain him again. I recommend Mitchell to anyone needing legal representation in any area of family law.

  by william j. stiehl jr., 08/19/2008

Mitchell is very professional and I would recommend him for anyone.

  by Sandra Richards, 04/12/2007

Mr. Mullen took the time to listen to me as a client, he understood the ramifications in my case and impressed me with his knowledge and insight with regards to my individual divorce matter. I appreciate the fact that he had enough confidence in me to believe what I was saying, and I truly believe that I will be well represented for the duration of my divorce matter. Thank You Mr. Mullen you restored my faith in human nature. Your new client William J. Stiehl Jr.