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Costs That Child Support Isn’t Intended to Cover in Texas

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Costs That Child Support Isn’t Intended to Cover in Texas

Child support is generally paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent who retains primary physical custody to help cover the basis expenses associated with raising a child. Even if the noncustodial parent is ordered to pay the maximum support amount, though, it frequently falls short of covering all the extra expenses that arise in raising a child.

These added costs associated with raising a child that are not covered by child support include all of those that are are associated with their enrichment. The Texas Family Code outlines uncovered expenses by age group.

If you and your ex share an infant, toddler or preschooler, then the amount of child support you receive is intended to cover his or her basic necessities such as housing, clothing and food. It, however, isn’t intended to cover the costs of babysitters or nannies, day care or any post-school extended care.

For parents of school-aged kids, the state of Texas sees tutoring and their participation in sports, dance, music or any other extracurricular activities as extras. Any fees associated with their participation in them such as uniform costs, registration fees or the cost of gear is also seen as an unnecessary expense in the eyes of lawmakers.

The same also goes for a child’s participation is some type of summer camp or the purchase of school photos as well.

As your child goes on to attend high school, the costs of such things as a prom dress, a car and insurance for it are all also seen as extras. A child support-paying parent is under no obligation to pay for his or her child’s college expenses or toward their future wedding costs either.

It should also should be mentioned that, in Texas, even if these costs were once being paid by your ex during your marriage, there’s no legal obligation to continue paying for them once you split.

Whether you’re in the midst of preparing to file for divorce or you’re looking for a modification of support payment, a Houston divorce attorney can help. He or she can guide you in asking for additional compensation to cover added expenses associated with raising your child.

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