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Fatal Car Crashes Are On the Rise Across Houston

Fatal Car Crashes Are On the Rise Across Houston

Researchers, working on a study commissioned by the Houston-Galveston Council, have found that accidents across the region during the past five years have increased by some 40 percent.

In 2012, there were 120,517 total motor vehicle crashes in the region. By 2016, they found that the number had increased by nearly 50,000. The number of car crashes occurring in Harris county alone rose by more than 40,000 during that same time frame.

With the increase in crashes, researchers found that traffic-related fatalities rose as well. The 590 car crash deaths that occurred in 2012 had increased by 20 percent up to 715 in 2016.

The increase in crash rates that’s happening in Houston and Galveston is on par with an uptick in wrecks that have been reported across the country during the same time frame. According to the National Safety Council (NSF), nationwide, the rate of fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2016 increased by some six percent over the prior year.

In a separate study, researchers commissioned by the New York Times determined that more motorists have taken to America’s roadways during the past five years. An uptick of cars on the roadways is believed to have to do with the economy improving. They note that this increase in motorists on the road has lead to more incidents involving distracted drivers causing crashes.

An increase in car crashes in Houston over the past few years means that there’s an increased likelihood that someone you know and love has been seriously injured or killed in one. If this is the case, then a Houston car accident attorney can advise you of your right to file a claim for lost wages, medical bills, funeral costs and other expenses.

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