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What are attributes I should look for in a divorce mediator?

During mediation, you might find yourself not just discussing emotional issues, but ones that are personal in nature or financially sensitive as well. This is why it's important that once you and your ex have decided that pursuing an amicable divorce through mediation is best for you, you'll want to find a mediator that you both can trust.

Things to do before heading to your first mediation session

The thought of attending your first mediation session can be nerve wracking. You might be concerned over how your ex is going to act or what's going to be put out on the table that you're unprepared for. Luckily, if you enter the room armed with some insight as to what to expect, you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of others who've gone into it blind in the past.

How to reduce the impact of the divorce on your children

When a couple first starts talking about separating, if they have kids, it's common for them to worry about how the dissolution of their relationship is going to impact them. How easy this process is for your children will depend on how diligently you, as a parent, work to make this transition as seamless for them as possible.

Come prepared for your first divorce mediation session

If you chose mediation as the path to divorce, you are probably somewhat nervous as you go into your first session. You do not know how your spouse is going to behave, for one thing, and you only hope you can carry this meeting off with dignity and a calm, sensible approach to the situation.

The benefits of using a mediator to resolve your divorce case

There are two primary methods to reach a settlement in a divorce case. Couples can either mediate or litigate a resolution to their case. Divorcing couples who decide to hire a mediator to help them broker a divorce settlement do so because they want to reach a fair settlement in their case in the quickest, least contentious way.

How mediation can result in a more amicable divorce

Couples who choose to negotiate their divorce via mediation as opposed to solely in front of a judge enjoy a number of benefits. Not only do they enjoy a greater chance of preserving their friendship down the road, but of reaching a more amendable resolution to the end of their marriage than they otherwise would. And, for couples with kids, mediation has not only been shown to be easier on the kids, but to result in more equitable custody arrangements as well.

Benefits associated with using mediation to settle a divorce

Resolving a divorce doesn't have to be a drawn-out process nor a costly one. In fact, divorce mediation may serve as a particularly ideal solution for couples looking to find some common ground on issues such as alimony, property divisions, child custody and support. It may also be helpful in reaching a swifter dissolution to your marriage as a result as well.

How mediaton can result in a less contentious divorce

When it comes to getting a divorce, many couples envision a contentious situation where the former spouses fight over every last thing from entitlements to property, spousal and/or child support or any number of other concerns. However, breaking up really doesn't have to be so hard to do.

Even if marriage wasn't pretty, divorce doesn't have to get ugly

There is an unfortunate situation many people across Houston have experienced: two spouses in a crumbling marriage, constantly fighting, deceiving each other and generally just making life miserable for each other. It's all enough to make one or both parties bitter, angry, depressed and vengeful.

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