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Relocating with your child as primary custodial parent

A parent deciding to relocate with his or her child to another state can make an already difficult custody situation even more contentious. Unless the parenting agreement the two of you drafted specifically speaks to relocations, then the prospect of a child being taken a long distance away from his or her other parent may be hard for him or her to take kindly to it.

What your responsibilities are as a custodial parent

While in most cases, a parent who spends the bulk of his or her time with his or her child is considered the custodial parent, that's not always the case. A judge may actually require the parent that wishes to assert his or her right to be the sole decision-maker in his or her child's life to do so by filing the necessary order in court to be appointed as such.

Custody cases involving parents with felony convictions

According to data published by the federal government, at least 6 percent of all American adults have a felony convictions on their records. This equates to one out of every 15 adults having a criminal record in the United States. While state laws can vary, it's commonplace for a parent to be able to retain custody of his or her child even after he or she is convicted of a felony. There are just a few exceptions to this rule.

Texas Child Services accused of denying black kids family custody

A group of concerned citizens gathered together on the steps of Houston's federal courthouse on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, to voice their concern over how custody decisions are made by Texas Child Protective Services (CPS). They turned out to rally behind an Arizona woman who claims that the state agency did not allow her to retain the custody of her young nephew, but approved for him to be put up for adoption by a foster family instead.

Homeschooling emerges as new tool to shape child custody disputes

Parenting is intended to be a collaborative process whereby parents work together jointly to decide how they are going to raise their children. However, when a marriage starts to crumble, parents may sadly lose sight why they made the choices they did. It's then that one parent may elect to challenge the other.

How a felony conviction affects your right to child custody

In a statistic released in the year 2000, it noted that approximately 6.6 percent of all U.S. adults are convicted felons. That statistic equates to a rate of 1 out of every 15 Americans having a criminal record. While policies vary depending on jurisdiction, certain felony convictions on a parent's record may prevent him or her from either gaining or retaining custody of one's child.

What happens when the custodial parent wants to relocate

Divorce can be difficult, especially on a child. Having to split time between parents can put a strain on any parent-child relationship. That issue can become exasperated when the custodial parent relocates to another area and forces the two to maintain a long distance relationship.

Making sense of how child support modifications work

The idea behind child support is to ensure that both the custodial and non-custodial parent contribute proportionately to child's necessities as well as extracurricular activities. That being said, life happens, circumstances change, costs increase and a need for a modification to a child support order may be needed.

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