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Reasons to consider mediation

When some parents wind up in divorce court in Houston, they are ready to tear each other’s throats out. They have lost sight of their kids and are ready and willing to do any and everything to keep the person they once loved from moving on with their lives. If you worry that your divorce situation will play out the same way, it is time for you to consider an alternative. 

What kind of injuries are motorcyclists at risk of sustaining?

The lack of structure that motorcycles have is one of the main reasons many people enjoy riding them. Riders can feel more of the wind on their body and enjoy the excitement of the open road. As fun as riding a motorcycle seems, there is a dark side. There is less vehicle to shield the rider's body in a motorcycle accident

How child custody works in Texas

Parents beginning the divorce process often have questions about the rules governing custody decisions. You may have heard advice and anecdotes from your friends and family that you feel unsure about believing. Learning some basics can help you achieve a better understanding of what to expect as you move forward.

Parenting dispute resolution resources in Texas

Parents in the process of divorcing one another must resolve several major issues concerning their children. Many parents truly want the best for their children but disagree strongly about how to achieve it. While litigating these issues before a judge can form a final resort, the Texas court system presents several options to help parents arrive at a consensus on issues such as custody, visitation, education and more.

Could your spouse use social media against you in your divorce?

Social media invades almost every aspect of society, including divorce. Not only does it contribute to many separations, but it also can appear in the proceedings as a way of presenting evidence to the court. If you are going through a divorce, you might want to consider ways your spouse could use social media against you. 

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