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A Harris County Deputy allegedly fails to aid car crash victims

It was announced on Wednesday, Aug. 23, that a deputy with Precinct 4 of the Harris County Sheriff's Office had been fired from his post. He stands accused of having witnessed, yet failed to report, a fatal crash the night of Saturday, Aug. 19.

What your responsibilities are as a custodial parent

While in most cases, a parent who spends the bulk of his or her time with his or her child is considered the custodial parent, that's not always the case. A judge may actually require the parent that wishes to assert his or her right to be the sole decision-maker in his or her child's life to do so by filing the necessary order in court to be appointed as such.

What's more dangerous: Talking on your cell or with passengers?

Although we hear about the dangers of talking on our cellphone while driving in the news all the time, it's actually not the most dangerous activity we engage in on the roadways. Instead, a recent study, published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), suggests that talking to our passengers is at least 45 percent more dangerous than conversing with someone by phone.

How to reduce the impact of the divorce on your children

When a couple first starts talking about separating, if they have kids, it's common for them to worry about how the dissolution of their relationship is going to impact them. How easy this process is for your children will depend on how diligently you, as a parent, work to make this transition as seamless for them as possible.

Come prepared for your first divorce mediation session

If you chose mediation as the path to divorce, you are probably somewhat nervous as you go into your first session. You do not know how your spouse is going to behave, for one thing, and you only hope you can carry this meeting off with dignity and a calm, sensible approach to the situation.

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