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How mediation can result in a more amicable divorce

Couples who choose to negotiate their divorce via mediation as opposed to solely in front of a judge enjoy a number of benefits. Not only do they enjoy a greater chance of preserving their friendship down the road, but of reaching a more amendable resolution to the end of their marriage than they otherwise would. And, for couples with kids, mediation has not only been shown to be easier on the kids, but to result in more equitable custody arrangements as well.

Houston car crashes on the increase, a recent study shows

A new safety report recently released by the Houston-Galveston Regional Council suggests that car crashes are increasing across the region. While the report refers to fender benders as unavoidable, it captures how more catastrophic crashes involving either severe injuries or death are on the rise as well.

Could your spouse use social media against you in your divorce?

Social media invades almost every aspect of society, including divorce. Not only does it contribute to many separations, but it also can appear in the proceedings as a way of presenting evidence to the court. If you are going through a divorce, you might want to consider ways your spouse could use social media against you. 

Homeschooling emerges as new tool to shape child custody disputes

Parenting is intended to be a collaborative process whereby parents work together jointly to decide how they are going to raise their children. However, when a marriage starts to crumble, parents may sadly lose sight why they made the choices they did. It's then that one parent may elect to challenge the other.

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