Why You Need A Will

We cannot control the inevitable, but we can control how we prepare for it. One of the best gifts you can leave yourself and your family is a thoughtful, comprehensive Will that clearly explains your final wishes for distributing your assets to the ones you love.

At Currier & Martin, we have helped thousands of people in the Houston metro area with their Will drafting and amending needs. If you are still wondering why having a Will in place is so important, here are four reasons why you need a Will.

  1. A Will gives you control. Under Texas law, a person who passes away without a valid Will is said to have died "intestate." This means that state law dictates how your assets get distributed — not you. A Will gives you the power to decide who will inherit your estate. Even if you have expressed your wishes in the past, unless there is a valid written Will, it will be very difficult for your family to carry out your desires.
  2. A Will saves your family money. Without a Will, virtually your entire estate will have to pass through probate, a time-consuming and costly process. In addition, your estate will potentially be subject to estate taxes. A well-crafted Will can minimize the impact of both probate and taxes and make probate administration easier for your executor.
  3. You decide who will handle your final affairs. In your Will, you can select who the executor of your estate will be. Many people choose their spouse or another relative, but it can be virtually anybody you trust to handle this important duty for you.
  4. Your Will can be changed. One common excuse people give for not having a Will is that they are too young and have not yet started a family. But a Will is not carved in stone. You can amend your Will at any time as people enter and exit your life, and your priorities change.

Since 1991, attorney John E. Currier has helped people throughout Harris County create and amend their Wills. Now that you know why you need one, let us be the law firm to help you make sure your Will is done the right way.

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