Let Us Solve Your Alimony Dispute

If you are worried that your divorce will leave you with no way to support yourself financially, call Currier & Martin. Our attorneys provide experienced and effective spousal support solutions for residents of Houston, Texas, and all of Harris County.

What Is The Purpose Of Alimony?

In many marriages, one spouse earns the family income and the other focuses on raising the children and caring for the home. Many spouses have been homemakers for decades, and some have no way of competing in today's job market. Nobody should have to choose between living in an unhappy marriage and paying for basic necessities.

That is where spousal support comes in. Commonly known as alimony, it is a way for you to remain secure while you prepare for financial independence. Spousal support can last for a set period while you receive job training or launch your career, or it can be for life in some cases.

Your Lawyers For Either Side Of An Alimony Request

Whether you are seeking alimony or contesting your spouse's request for support, we can help you reach a positive result. We will negotiate a settlement that fits your financial reality, or bring the matter to court if necessary. As your divorce attorneys, our goal will be to prevent you from experiencing financial hardship.

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