Reliable Legal Assistance For Your Adoption

Congratulations on deciding to adopt a child. Adoption is a wonderful way to add to your family. However, it is important to remember that adoption is a legal process that can be highly complicated, and an error or missed document filing can put your parental rights at serious risk. Instead of trying to go through adoption yourself, let the family law attorneys of Currier & Martin help you. We help parents in Houston, Texas, through the adoption process properly and as efficiently as possible.

How Adoption Can Get Complicated

Even when the adoption is relatively straightforward, you need our experienced assistance to avoid application errors and missing documents. The process becomes more complicated if one or both of the biological parents challenges your adoption. Then you must fight to have the court terminate the biological parent's rights and demonstrate why granting you those rights is in the child's best interest.

Lawyers For Any Type Of Adoption

We have decades of experience with helping parents with adoption. No adoption is too complicated for us to help you successfully adopt your child. We have represented hundreds of parents in adoption proceedings involving:

  • Adoption of relatives, such as grandchildren and stepchildren
  • Adoption of non-relatives, including foster child adoption
  • International adoption

We will take on the necessary filings and paperwork, so you can concentrate on creating a welcoming home for your new son or daughter.

Call For A No-Obligation Consultation

If you are considering adoption, now is the time to find a seasoned family law attorney to help you. For an initial consultation about your adoption, please call our office at 281-407-1550 or email us for an appointment. We serve clients throughout Harris County.